Thursday, September 10, 2009

Help to a Veteran Maj Jasbeer Singh

To:, "RP Chaturvedi"


Date: Wednesday, 9 September, 2009, 1:02 AM

Dear Admiral;

Thanks for your note. I'll attempt to provide the requisite info. as follows;

Name: - IC-16293A Major JASBEER SINGH

Commissioned - 27 June 1965, Corps of Engineers (Bengal Sappers)

Sustained Mine Blast injuries in an operational area - Jul 13, 1966, Awarded SENA MEDAL

Diasbility - 100% Permanent. (Loss of one leg and loss of one eye)

Last rank held - MAJOR (for 7 years)

Last position held - SO II, Chief Engineer Central Command, Lucknow

Reasons for leaving service - Medical Invalidation (effective September 1978)

Reasons for not claiming pension - Came overseas for medical treatment and lost contact with the process / system.

Disciplinary Actions - None.

Address per official records - 46, Church Road, Jangpura, New Delhi - 110014.

Bank - State Bank of India (Jangpura Bhogal Branch). I could ask my brother in New Delhi to try and obtain official copies of bank records.

I have not had any communication with any Pension Sanctioning Authority after the initial award of pension in 1978-79.

I'd be happy to provide any additional information you may need to help me navigate my way through the bureaucracy.

Thanks & regards,

Ph- 780.457.3333

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  1. A country like India, which aspires to be a great power, must enjoy the respect of the armed forces.Great nations have prospered coz they always kept military happy for the well being of the nation. How about India? Here the Veterans are deprived of their legitimate right.

    Veteran Lt Generals got their due after a long struggle in the courts and found it difficult to pass the BUROCTATIC RED TAPE for more than a year. The Lt Colonels got their due when AOC-in C and Naval Chief challenged to throw there batons. And now it is turn of veteran Majors pre 2006, who are deprived of their legitimate parity in pension. God save this country!!
    Anyone knows what the Government has given in so called " One Rank One Pension "??