Thursday, September 10, 2009

Case for Corrigendum PPO-pre2006-pensioners by Air Force Association by Wg Cdr S Bendre

From: Wg.Cdr. Shashank Bendre

Sent: Wednesday, 9 September, 2009 4:33:36 PM

Subject: Case for Corrigendum PPO-pre2006-pensioners by Air Force Association

This is to inform that March 2009 issue of AFA news which I just got, mentions that AFA Head Office has taken up the issue of Corrigendum PPO and fixation of pension with Ministry of defence for pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners. (ref page 19, under caption Grant of pension : 6th pay Commission-pre & post 2006). No details have been given except this one line information.

I suggest some IESM members from Delhi could check the progress/result of the case. I could try but I fail to get reply from AFA to any email.


Shashank Bendre,
Member,Pension Cell, IESM

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  1. sir, Hony Officers are like TRISANGU SWARGA of legend. Their neither treated as officers nor like a JCO. He is considered as B Group officer. By granting Hon. Rank they are treated like officers for wearing dress with insignia of Lt. or Capt. He draws allowances like officers for few omths before retirement. By bringing Hon. officers in pay band PB3 they are denied pensionery benefits. Practically they are at par with a Nb. Subedar., for notional pay as per 5 CPC. As per 5 CPC a Hon.Lt Pay was 10500, and a Hon.Capt Rs. 10850. 6th CPC by bringing Hon. officers to PB 3, Notional pay has come down toRs. 8250/- Natural justice demands that Hon. Lts. pension should be 10500 x 1.86 = 19530/ plus 5400 +6000=30,930/- divided by 2= 15465/ shd be the pension. I hope Govt will see the anomaly and revise pension.