Thursday, September 1, 2011

Follow up after visit to Bhusaval,Jalgaon etc

Dear All,
During last two days following cases have been taken up by me with respective agencies including CPPCs:-

1 TS Nk Pundge SC
2 Ts Nk N M Shaikh(2780367)
3 Nk Maruti S Takprere(13874918)
4 Cpl C R Bhat(247762)
5 Nk B M Patil(2773568)
6 Hav M P Patil(14394592)
7 Ts Nk B S Patil
8 Hav A Ramdev Pawar
9 Hon Lt Narkhede(JC 2010114)
10 Nk B T Kolate(1380416)
11 Flt Lt V S Chaudhary(144442)
12 Hon Capt Betal Singh(JC237948)
13 Nk Sudame Lal(14366513)
14 Nk V B Nikam(2757525)
Follow up and actual credit of arrears where due will take a month or so.In all cases I have also asked Banks to give interest for this delay as per RBI circular dated 11 Mar 2011.
Gp Capt SS Phatak(retd)