Thursday, September 1, 2011

Follow up after visit to Bhusaval,Jalgaon etc

Dear All,
During last two days following cases have been taken up by me with respective agencies including CPPCs:-

1 TS Nk Pundge SC
2 Ts Nk N M Shaikh(2780367)
3 Nk Maruti S Takprere(13874918)
4 Cpl C R Bhat(247762)
5 Nk B M Patil(2773568)
6 Hav M P Patil(14394592)
7 Ts Nk B S Patil
8 Hav A Ramdev Pawar
9 Hon Lt Narkhede(JC 2010114)
10 Nk B T Kolate(1380416)
11 Flt Lt V S Chaudhary(144442)
12 Hon Capt Betal Singh(JC237948)
13 Nk Sudame Lal(14366513)
14 Nk V B Nikam(2757525)
Follow up and actual credit of arrears where due will take a month or so.In all cases I have also asked Banks to give interest for this delay as per RBI circular dated 11 Mar 2011.
Gp Capt SS Phatak(retd)


  1. dear sir,what is the procedure to discontinue the membership of ECHS?

  2. Sir any news on pension of Honorary officers as they have gone to AFT chadigarh and won the case

  3. Want your Mumbai and Pune addresses of IESM. And email Ids as well.