Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4 'Central Bank' pension account holders reg Pre-2006 defence Pensioners/ Family pensioners of all ranks..

1. For those Pre-2006 defence Pensioners /Family Pensioners (all ranks) having Pension Account in 'Central Bank of India' And have not yet got their dues as per PCDA's various Circulars of 17 January 2013; may write to AGM, Central Bank, Head Office, Govt. Business Department at Email ID : with Cc to email ID of your pension paying Bank Branch.

2. Only following information be provided in your Email to AGM. Central Bank.

(a) Rank / Name Service details etc.

(b) Full Name as recorded in your Pension Acoount. (Important to check it from your Bank Account). No need to give your Bank account Number. Your bank branch will find your account number from your name.

 c) Give your Contact / Mobile Number.

 2. For Safety: Do not share any personal data including bank account number on NET.


 Commodore Lokesh Batra (Retd.)

 Social & RTI Activist



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New members at Ghaziabad..by Maj Gen AJB Jaini

I have enrolled the following TWENTY THREE Veterans / ESM / NOKs, as New Members of IESM, today - 17 April 2012.

Ser Regtl No Rank Name Regt Amnt Contact / Tele No

1.. JC-367465-F Sub Maj S. B. SINGH SIG 200/= 9567670864
2. JC-190166-P Hony Capt MOOL CHAND ASC 200/= 8860959424
3. 1426293-X Hav CHANDRA KUMAR SINGH ENGRS 100/= 9650938262
4. 1027745-N DFR BIR PAL SINGH ARMD 100/= 9717712968
5. 13888917 Hav ASHOK KUMAR ASC 100/= 9012729752
6. 14259657-P Hav BABU RAM SIGNALS 100/= 9911946618
7. 2683672-N Nk RAKESH KUMAR GRENADIERS 100/= 9868523500
8. 14481961 Hav MUKESH KUMAR ARTY 100/= 9968593150
9. 13966758 Hav SUDHIR KUMAR AMC 100/= 8979863928
10. 14580506 Nk AMARJEET SINGH EME 100/= 9953145806
11. 2962363 Sep BISHAMBAR SINGH RAJPUT 100/= 9971980285
12. 4173957-P Nk HIRA BALLABH TIWARI KUMAON 100/= 9560949426
13. 2871312-N Nk JAGVIR SINGH RAJ RIF 100/= 9953018473
14. 2866658-M Hav WATAN SINGH RAJ RIF 100/= 8826139739
15. 8021680-W Hav DHARAM VIR SINGH RAJPUT 100/= 9811720344
16. 14229831-F Nk NIRANJAN SINGH SIGNALS 100/= 9871311930
17. 1570954-T Nk RAGUBIR SINGH SHARMA BEG 100/= 9958876364
18 1240618-F Nk BHIM SINGH TYAGI ARTY 100/= 9911319994
19. 14349477-N Hav SATISH KUMAR ARTY 100/= 7503363918
20. 13833801 Seo SATBIR SINGH ASC 100/= 7838330874
21. 14578752 CFN KIRSHAN PAL EME 100/= 9899269916
22. 12539071 W/O Gnr HARBIR SINGH ARTY NIL 7838660625 -- Smt SATBIRI
23. JC-75715 W/O Nb Sub GIRI RAJ SINGH ASC NIL 9811538451-- Smt NATHO DEVI23

TOTAL Members = 23 ( including 2 NOKs ) TOTAL 2300/= ( Rs Two Thosand & Three Hundred Only ).
( Amnt & Forms will be given to Gen Satbir / Wg Cdr CEEKAY Sharma during next Meeting)/ or, will deposited in HDFC

Hav RAMPAL DHAKA, who is our District Convener in Ghaziabad, has been the Motivator for the above ESM to enroll as our IESM Members.

For Chairman & Vice Chairman Only -- May kindly extend their Formal WELCOME to these New Members.

With these New Members, the Membership 'Drive' in GZB is Going Up & 'Catching Up' , by the day, -- No longer that gradual, now ! .

General A.J.B.Jaini, AVSM
Member Governing Body - IESM

Nagpur Visit ..new members of IESM

Dear All

During my private visit to Nagpur i met the Nagpur Core Group which is as follows
Mrs Neela Padnis
Wg Cdr Mukund Limaye
Wg Cdr Jehangir Contractor
Col Amal Bhaduri(Was away on 14 Apr )
Hav Vilas Dawane.
Hav Dawane has agreed to arrange rallies in Nagpur and Vidarbha areas.

Sharad Sir:Kindly keep in touch with him and plan as usual.

I have enrolled the following members during the meeting

Wg Cdr Mukund Limaye
Wg Cdr SS Yadwadkar
Smt Chanda Paliwal w/o Nk Paliwal
I have also registered Mr Suresh Soman as Supporter and his donation of Rs 1000 has been accepted.

All above have been registered online toady.

HDFC Bank receipts i will post tmrw.

Application forms will follow in due course

C K sir pls make donation entry.



Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Minimum Pension.

Minimum Pension.

Wef 01-01-06 the minimum rates of pension for various
types of pension for are as follows:-

(a) Retiring & Ordinary family pension - Rs 3500/- PM + DR

(b) Special &Liberalised family pension - Rs 7000/-PM + DR

(c) Min Disability element for officers (for 100% disability, - Rs 8100/- PM + DR
Proportionate reduction for lesser disability)

(d) Min Disability element for other ranks (for 100% disability, - Rs 3510/- PM + DR
Proportionate reduction for lesser disability)

(e) Min Disability pension (total of service +disability element) - Rs 7000/- PM + DR
For permanent Disability not less than 60%

(f) Min war injury element for officers (for 100% disability on - Rs 16200/-PM+ DR
retirement/Discharge, proportionate reduction for lesser disability)

(g) Min war injury element for other ranks (for 100% disability on - Rs 7020/- PM + DR
retirement/Discharge, proportionate reduction for lesser disability

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Follow up after visit to Bhusaval,Jalgaon etc

Dear All,
During last two days following cases have been taken up by me with respective agencies including CPPCs:-

1 TS Nk Pundge SC
2 Ts Nk N M Shaikh(2780367)
3 Nk Maruti S Takprere(13874918)
4 Cpl C R Bhat(247762)
5 Nk B M Patil(2773568)
6 Hav M P Patil(14394592)
7 Ts Nk B S Patil
8 Hav A Ramdev Pawar
9 Hon Lt Narkhede(JC 2010114)
10 Nk B T Kolate(1380416)
11 Flt Lt V S Chaudhary(144442)
12 Hon Capt Betal Singh(JC237948)
13 Nk Sudame Lal(14366513)
14 Nk V B Nikam(2757525)
Follow up and actual credit of arrears where due will take a month or so.In all cases I have also asked Banks to give interest for this delay as per RBI circular dated 11 Mar 2011.
Gp Capt SS Phatak(retd)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Interest for late arrears

From: Suhas phatak [mailto:sushan1005@yahoo.com]
Sent: 20 March 2011 19:53
To: Ravindra Pathak
Cc: Pension Cell IESM
Subject: Interest for late arrears

Dear All,
Lt Col Anand Bhagwat who received his VIth Pay Commission arrears very late. According to my advice he had asked for interest and delivered letter to Chairman's Office of Bank of Maharashtra.
I received sms today that he has received Rs 43642.00 as interest credited to his account.
Gp capt SS Phatak(retd) (Member IESM Pension Division)
(Please speak to your friends who may have received their arrears late and advise them to claim interest for the delayed payment. In particular take care of widows, JCOs, NCOs and Jawans. Give wide publicity to this message. Thank you. – Chander Kamboj)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

SBI,Belapur ..more pension cases cleared by Gp Capt Pathak

Dear Ravi,
Following cases have been cleared after my visit to SBI,Belapur.:-
My Sangli visit cases:-
1-- 6272680-Hav B R Patil
2-- 1515637- Spr Shankar Patil
3 --4539275-Hav B M Kamble
4--6272089-Hav J C Patil
5--JC128164--Sub Shankar Patil
6--97389--PO SS Jagtap
All above cases may not be our members but Hav Lele from Sangli is getting their forms filled and sent to us shortly.
In addition other cases cleared are as follows:-
1-- 621119 Sgt TR Dake--Grtuity & DCRG paid
2--276013 Cpl DD Jangam
3--15378765--Naik N E Katake--ACP will be given with fresh PPO.NFA
4--143486--PORCI-M J Bhangade--PPO HO for action.
5--278996271--RBCT R D Gade--PPO for disability HO. Credit awaited.
6--Recruit K S Khaladkar--Pension revised to Rs 3500/-p.m.
7--2789440-Nk S M chaudhary--Pension +disability paid
8--15363503--NK S D Shembade-Pension revised
9--215614--Sgt E L Mali--Pension revised
10--113232--POR D Sandbhor--Pension revised.
11--638674--Sgt P M Govekar--Pension revised
12--144253--POME DP Mutkule--No revision reqd. twice represented.
13-- 662512--Sgt Kazi PD--Pension & disability revised.
14--2748840--D S Shinde--Pension & disability revised. Final PPO for broad banding awaited.
15--JC239634--Sub CV Pusadkar--Pension revised.
16--456311--Nk AK Gaikwad--post 2006 case -Correct pension fixed.
17--625714--AC S M Shaikh--Pension +disability revised.Broadbanding awaited.
18--14551110--HON NB SUB W C Samson--All arears paid on 30 Dec 10.
Cases listed from 7 to 10 above are from Rajguru Nagar and being HO to Air Cmde GT Joshi for membership if not made.
Gp capt SS Phatak(retd)