Thursday, March 3, 2011

SBI,Belapur ..more pension cases cleared by Gp Capt Pathak

Dear Ravi,
Following cases have been cleared after my visit to SBI,Belapur.:-
My Sangli visit cases:-
1-- 6272680-Hav B R Patil
2-- 1515637- Spr Shankar Patil
3 --4539275-Hav B M Kamble
4--6272089-Hav J C Patil
5--JC128164--Sub Shankar Patil
6--97389--PO SS Jagtap
All above cases may not be our members but Hav Lele from Sangli is getting their forms filled and sent to us shortly.
In addition other cases cleared are as follows:-
1-- 621119 Sgt TR Dake--Grtuity & DCRG paid
2--276013 Cpl DD Jangam
3--15378765--Naik N E Katake--ACP will be given with fresh PPO.NFA
4--143486--PORCI-M J Bhangade--PPO HO for action.
5--278996271--RBCT R D Gade--PPO for disability HO. Credit awaited.
6--Recruit K S Khaladkar--Pension revised to Rs 3500/-p.m.
7--2789440-Nk S M chaudhary--Pension +disability paid
8--15363503--NK S D Shembade-Pension revised
9--215614--Sgt E L Mali--Pension revised
10--113232--POR D Sandbhor--Pension revised.
11--638674--Sgt P M Govekar--Pension revised
12--144253--POME DP Mutkule--No revision reqd. twice represented.
13-- 662512--Sgt Kazi PD--Pension & disability revised.
14--2748840--D S Shinde--Pension & disability revised. Final PPO for broad banding awaited.
15--JC239634--Sub CV Pusadkar--Pension revised.
16--456311--Nk AK Gaikwad--post 2006 case -Correct pension fixed.
17--625714--AC S M Shaikh--Pension +disability revised.Broadbanding awaited.
18--14551110--HON NB SUB W C Samson--All arears paid on 30 Dec 10.
Cases listed from 7 to 10 above are from Rajguru Nagar and being HO to Air Cmde GT Joshi for membership if not made.
Gp capt SS Phatak(retd)

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  1. Dear sir

    my dad was ( Sub Maj) in military services he retired in 1986 and he passed away i 2010 and my mom is getting only Rs 6300 pension since 2010 i think it is very less pls hemp me out from this or give and suggestion

    your faithfully
    sukhvinder singh