Friday, September 11, 2009

60 % arrears credited by Syndicate Bank South Block , New Delhi

Dear All,

60% arrears of the 6 PC have been credited in the accounts of the pensioners by the Syndicate Bank , South Block , New Delhi. With 21 yrs of service the amount is Rs. 1,94,000.00 for a Cdr with PB4.( Self case)

2. The concerned person is Mr. Junaja, Cell no 9811083339 who is very very helpful and his son is a serving Capt in the Army.

3. You have a provision to ask for getting your tax deducted on monthly basis also.


Cdr Sharan Ahuja (retd)
Member Core Group IESM


  1. Sir,
    In the case of persons drawing Pension from SBI, the fixation of Revised Pension subsequent to 6CPC is done by the CPPC ie, Central Pension Provisioning Cell.
    I am a pensioner of 1981 drawing my pension from a Syndicate Bank branch in Andhra Pradesh.
    I have lodged my application for revision of pension with my Bank Branch. But since they are just sitting on my application, I would like to take up the matter with their Central Pension Cell.

    Shall be grateful if you could advise me and, at the same time provide me with the relevant email IDs.
    Aroon Kumar.

  2. Defence Pension:

    1. Axis Bank have issued detailed PPO after 6th Pay Commission Award to some Pensioners at least.
    2. Union Bank have issued detailed PPO to some pensioners too.
    3. My Pension Account is with Syndicate Bank, Vayu Bhavan, New Delhi. They acknowledge that it is a job that they are supposed to do but are unable to. Annex IV, PPO, One rank one pension for Airmen,have created tasks beyond their capacity!! How will this get resolved!
    4. Additionally they confirmed that they have not received orders for Pension revision on the basis of recent Supreme Court decision linked to wrong calculation of pension after IV th Pay Commision for Defence.

    A Sarkar, Wg Cdr(Retd)