Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Verdict by ATF

Dear Veterans,

The favourable Verdict of ATF, in Majors' Pension case was expected & I had pointed this out when the case was filed by Lt Cdr Avtar singh. The success is mainly due to the fact that the case was not filed, siting various other cases where the SC, to the interpretation of some Veterans, had pointed towards the acceptense of the priciple of OROP. This case was mainly fought on the merits of interpretaion of a Govt Order, which was a blatant & deliberate misinterpretation. The following quote from Maj Navdeep Singh is valid.

"To be fair to the Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare, they tried their best to reason out with the Department of Expenditure that their (DOE's) interpretation of pension fixation for pre-2006 retirees was not right and that it needed to be corrected and the clarification revised. But despite the fact that the Ministers (MoS) of both the Finance and the Personnel Ministries were in favour of the correction in the right spirit of the 6th CPC recommendations, it was ensured by the lower level babus at the Ministry of Finance that it did not happen. The case was taken up time and again by the DoP&PW but was always rejected by the DoE".

However, this victoty is not a pointer towards OROP at all. But contrary to the usual practice, the Govt may not prefer an appeal against the Verdict in the SC, because the case so far was pursued by very low level bureaucrats of the concerned Ministry.

Veteran Raman

Col (Retd) TN Raman
E5/230, AWHO Parameswaran Vihar,
67, Arcot Road, Saligramam,
Chennai 600093


  1. Dear Col Raman,
    It is a great victory and due justice has been done in the Major's case. However it is not understood as to why no action has been taken so far by Department of Expenditure even though thee months have already passed.
    What do you propose the next course of action.

    Veteran Satish

    Major(Retd)SC Nautiyal
    "Aangan" Bell Road
    Clement Town
    Dehradun. 248002.

  2. Deal All
    Since No action has been taken even after ten months, indicates the way Government acts.God only knows the time it is going to take for the anomaly to be addressed. It seems that file has been consigned to " Under Study " bin by a babu in the MOD/MOE.

    Someone may go and dust it out.I remember a quote by an official in the Govt secretariat.

    " Government- means- jo pal pal main gaur kare and Sarkar -means- jo sark sark kar chale".
    They , I mean babus don't get moved by logic or difficulty .
    Babus are more concerned about their personal comfort and egos.
    May God teach them a lesson!

  3. Wan't can't we seek an rti on this issue. it will give us the noting of babus who are using every trick in their arsenal to brow beat affecting the judgement