Sunday, August 8, 2010

Well Done every one at Pune

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From: Shashank Bendre
Date: 9 August 2010 10:08
Subject: [pensioncell_iesm] Pension Case-W/C Aroskar
To: IESM Pension Group

Dear All,

Wg. Cdr. Aroskar's (1996 retiree) pension was not revised by his PDA , The Bank of Maharashtra after Wg.Cdrs were placed in PB-4 and was being paid about Rs. 13000/- less than what he should have got with basic pension at Rs.25700/-. Unfortunately he suffers from a medical problem and therefore was not in a position to know that he was being denied correct amount of pension. Since I know Aroskar personally, I guided his wife and daughter in taking up the matter with the bank. They got the correct pension and the arrears in July 2010. The manager of the branch was unhelpful but after fighting the case, the bank paid interest on arrears at 8 % too.

In this case, Gp.Capt Phatak took a lot of pains to guide me and also brought up the matter with the CMD of the bank who was very symphathetic towards pensioners and especially the veterans.

This case shows that with proper guidance and effort. pensioners can get their dues. However, there would be countless number of pensioners and families of PBOR and those in small towns and villages, who are being denied their rightful dues but are unaware of it.

I am very thankful to G/C Phatak and Cdr. Ravindra Pathak of Pension Cell for their active help and guidance to me.


Shashank Bendre
Wg. Cdr. (Retd)

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