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Gist of the 156 orders vide circular 430 of PCDA is given below courtesy Cdr Balaji of Pension Cell.

Dear Sir

Gist of the 156 orders vide circular 430 of PCDA is given below courtesy Cdr Balaji of Pension Cell.

The orders are too complicated for a layman to comprehend.

Individuals having any questions may write to pension@iesm.org


R W Pathak


Para 4.1 – Not applicable to Families of PBOR

Para 3 - GOI letter to take effect from 1.7.09 and Fixation / arrears paid in a Time Bound manner say 2-3 months.

Para 4.2 Does not apply to Hony Commissioned Officers

Para 6.1 – PDAs to revise the Pension with out calling for applications and taking down the details from the Original PPO (to ascertain which Group, etc)

Para 6.1 (i) on wards is very important – PDAs to refix Pension of all PBORs w.e.f. 1.1.996 as was fixed in 1997.

Para 6.2 – Existing Pension as on 1.1.96, pre- 10.10.2007 and post 10.10.2007 will be the same (This is as a sequel to the Supreme Court Order given recently as it is an anomaly corrected and has to be from ORIGINAL DATE and some artificial date………as per Judgement) and hence the PDAs have really work on it In my view the addl Pensionery benefits given w.e.f. 10.10.97) – all have to be re-fixed with DRs etc and that is a huge job)

Para 6.4 – Pension can be corrected if there is any discrepancy vis a vis the Tables provided.

Para 7.1 – Qualifying Service – It is shown in PPO from 1988 but for Personnel prior to that they have to produce their discharge certificate (IAFA-369)

Para 7.3 – From 9.10.1997 all those in different Trade were regrouped in X, Y & Z and this has to followed and is effective form 1.1.1996.

Para 8 – Pensioners in receipt of 2 Pensions – Both would be revised as per the Tables below.

Para 8.2 DSC Personnel – Those in receipt of Army Pension and DSC Pension – only Army Pension would be revised and for the DSC Pension to be referred to PCDA.
However, if they are receiving only DSC Pension then their Pension can be revised as per the Tables.

Para 9.1 – Where the Pensioner was alive on 1.7.2009 and died subsequent to this date then the legal heir is entitled to Life Time arrears

Para 10 – No arrears will be applicable prior to 1.7.2009

Para 11.1 Banks to render a Monthly Progress report to PCDA as per Annexure ‘C’

Para 11.3 (Verbatim) A copy of the said Annexure “C” will invariably be provided by the PDA to the Pensioners concerned for their information

NOTE: A copy of PCDA Circular and GOI, MOD letter PC10(1) 2009(D)/(Pen/Pol) dated 8.3.2010 is available on the Web Site www.pcdapension.nic.in


Para 1.1 – All pre-1997 retirees to be brought on par with post 10.10.1997 retirees

Para 1.2 To be fixed notionally at the highest scale of Pay in which retired

Para 1.2.2 – Enhanced weightages to be continued with as per GOM decision(2006)

Para 3.1 Pension Fixation –

Highest scale of Pay in the rank retired applicable from 10.10.1997 corresponding to the fitment tables given in SAI 1/S/2008 +

Minimum of the Pay in Pay Band + 50% of MSP and GP+50% of Highest of Classification Allowance (revised rates effective from 1.9.2008)

Note; Havildars granted Hony rank of Naik Subedar to get additional Pension of Rs.226/-

Para 5.1 – Hony SLT / LT – 50% of the Minimum of Pay Band + 50% of MSP and GP RANKPAY BANDGPMSPPENSION MINIMUM OF PAY BAND + 50% OF GP+MSP
HONY SLT15600-391005400600013500

HONY LT15600-391006100600013850

Para 8 – No arrears will be paid prior to 1.7.2009.

Para 9 – No additional commutation permissible on enhganced Pension.

Para 10 – Will not affect the DCRG already paid. In other words no Additional DCRG in view of enhanced Pension Admissible.

Para 13 – PDAs to fix Pension and Pay arrears with out calling for Applications from the Pensioners.

Para 13.2 – The Pension determined in the Tables is inclusive of Weight age Factor
Cdr Ravindra Waman Pathak I.N.(Retd)
Member and Coordinator IESM Pension Cell


  1. Thank You very much for simplified way of information . I am a JWO retired after 23 years of service in oct 2009. My pension has been fixed as 8402 where as a person of same service and rank retired proir to 01 Jan 06 will be drawing pension of Rs 9058.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am Sub Major (Mohamed Ali) (Hony. Capt)(H/Lt on active list) retired on 30-09-1986(AN) worked for 30 Years 2 Months and 19 days. Re-enrolled in DSC and worked for 06 Years 3 Months from 19-05-1988 to 01-08-1994. I like to know my current basic pension & revised pension with D.A as per April 2010. Also let me know the current pension revised table.

  3. dear sir,
    1. My grand father got commissioned (emergency commission) in 1962 and took pre-mature retirement in 1986 as a Lt Colonel. he passed away in 2009. Last he was getting around Rs 14-15,000/- pension and now my grand mother is getting some Rs 11,000/- family pension.

    2. Till date no arrears have been received of 6th pay commission.

    3. Can you please guide me on the following:-
    (a) Is 11,000/- . what she'll get latest as family pension correct or is it more?
    (b) what all will be the arrears of 6th pay commission and when will be credited in the bank?
    (c) Whom should i write, to clarify the issue?

    4. kindly let me know if any aadl info is reqd.
    yours sincerely

    Major Rohit Thakur
    6/8 Gorkha Rifles (Naghun)
    PIN - 910206
    C/O 56 APO

  4. Dear Sir,
    There is a anamolies in the pension of the retired JCO ( Nb Sub )of Y group retired on 01 Feb 2007 ( S Muthalappan PPO No S/049200/2006(Army),Records AMC Lucknow) granted pension on my retirement prior to 6th CPC was 6105/- the highest, but on declaration of 6th CPC it was Rs 8840/-pm whereas the pre 2006 retirees of the same rank and same group(Pre Gp 'B',service 28 yrs) 10670/-pm which is not understood. Can you rectify it or intimate the reasons/policy for such less pension grant to me. Further it is to inform you that the pensioners of the Other Ranks( upto HAV/PO/SGT)who were retired after 2006 get pension more than the pre 2006 pensioners. Why this parity in pension for JCOs retired after 2006.

  5. Erigila Nuka Raju said...

    Dear Sir,

    1. I, JC-725336X Ex Subedar/Clerk (SD)(Army Ordnance Corps)and my PPO No is S/0300335/2010(ARMY) DT 22 July 2010 after retirement my arrears and Service Pension not getting correct amount. I am getting my monthly Penison only Rs 10085/- and my Junior JC-725337W Ex Subedar/Clerk(SD) AK Kha monthly drawing Pension Rs. 12000/- and he also got all arears after retirement three months back i.e month of Feb 2011. We both were retired from service after completion of 30 years long service in Indian Army on 01 Nov 2010.

    2. In view of the above, may I request your kind office to look into the matter personally and solve the problems facing by me and save me financial hardship and you just inform me at present position of my case on my E mail ID-nukar92@gmai.com.in as possible please.

    3. An early action is solicited please.

  6. Sir, i wanted to know the latest rule and regulation regarding grant of disability pension or revised disability pension. method and critaria to calculate disability pension for or/jcos. is it deffer with service pension ? i no 13950643k Hav/DORA Ramesh Kumar Mittal of AMC having disability 50%, how much disability pension i must get [a] rate 50% or 75% ? [b] amount ? basic and d.a. I WILL BE VERY THANKFUL to you if you please tell me about above said clearification. my mai id is mittalramesh99@gmail.com

  7. sir

    i am an exserviceman from army and re-employed in public sector bank. In terms of govt of india public grievances and pension ministry letter dated 5th april 2010 (amendment to CCS rules 2008) Para 3(v), pay in respect of ex-serviceman retired prior to 1.1.2006 and re-employed after 1.1.2006, is to be fixed by notionally arriving at the revised scales of sixth pay commission. My pay is not fixed in the bank on govt guidelines becaused they want amended LPC as VIth CPC and PAO (OR) is not issuing the same inspited of repeated requests during the last two years. Would you kindly guide me in this regard. my email id is thalorsuresh91@gmail.com.


    suresh kumar

  8. Sir,

    I am EX-JWO discharged 01-12-2002.I am getting pension for Seargent Rank.kindly intimate me whether I am eligible for JWO pension as per 6th CPC.
    Name:Y.Balakishan,S.No.676622-K,Rank:JWO (IAF)
    email ID: balakishanyata@gmail.com